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Stories from previous jobs: Those damn Romanians and their damn data protection laws.

24 Apr 2019 - 3 minutes
A long time ago I worked for an ISP as Tier 1 technical support. This is just one of many stories I have from my time here. These were originally published elsewhere on the internet, but are being reworked and republished here. Sometimes, the degree of insanity in a conversation can reach such a fever pitch that it is hard to recover. Sometimes, people can say things that leave you so flabbergasted that you aren’t sure if you’re being trolled or not.

That time a sticker made me an accidental domain squatter

10 Apr 2019 - 5 minutes
It all started with my noticing of these stickers absolutely everywhere all over London. I’d also seen them in other European cities. I was never curious enough to actually search for it, so I just noticed and moved on. The method by which I discovered their true meaning was something I never expected. The sticker in question Every now and then I’d come across one and the question would briefly pop back into my head, but it’s surprising how high the barrier to looking something up is for me.