About KN100 (Kevin Norman)

Hi, I’m Kevin!

I am a Software Engineer, currently working with Mo, building out a Microservices architecture. Previously, I’ve worked with Pusher, scaling their flagship product, Channels.

I’m a friendly, driven, “get things done” engineer who finds enjoyment in delivering software that makes clients smile. I’m far more interested in solving real problems than I am faffing about with untested tools. I’m also a proud Stem Cell donor.

My interests

I am mainly interested in building next generation web applications and APIS. I currently enjoy:

  • Golang
  • Ruby/RoR
  • Redis
  • Distributed Systems work
  • Java
  • Linux administration
  • Basic electronics/embedded systems (Arduino/Raspberry Pi, etc)
  • Theme parks

Contact me

Feel free to contact me via Linkedin or Twitter.