NotSoEducated – A Project From a While Ago

A while ago, I and a friend of mine got rather annoyed at a ridiculous propaganda attempt called “Not So Safe”, claiming that Electronic Cigarettes were extremely dangerous, so we countered it by parodying the complete lies with a website in the same shape, which contained well cited research. We called it Not So Educated.

They’ve long since taken the site down, I suspect in response, but you can still somewhat experience it thanks to the Wayback Machine.

You can also experience NotSoEducated, thanks to the Wayback Machine.

A screenshot of the NotSoEducated website, reading E-cigarettes are about as safe as other smoking cessation products approved by the FDA. Compared to cigarettes, they are much less toxic. Quote. Cadmium, lead and nickel have also been detected but in trace levels only, comparable with levels in Nicorette inhalers. Citation. A fresh look at tobacco harm reduction - US National Library of Medicine

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